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American Dream is a gaming community, in the past, we used to run Counter-Strike Public servers and currently running an active San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) modification server to bring you the best role play experience with American Dream Roleplay (for short AD:RP). Our primary focus is roleplay and we’ll do our best to deliver the best. We also have plans to expand our community by launching our very own GTA: Orange server once it’s public release comes.

Get your dream house

Buy yourself a beautiful penthouse with a beautiful view over the city of Los Angeles.

Get your luxury car

Always dreamed of having your own exotic vehicle? Get yourself an exotic vehicle, tune it and showcase it around the streets.

Customize your character

Get yourself a good look, there are various clothing objects to choose from.

Be whoever you want to be

Criminal, Officer of the law, Paramedic, Miner, driver…. there are so many jobs and factions for you to choose from. Here fantasies become reality.

Be more social

Create yourself an account on our web-based twitter-like system and communicate with other players.

Create your own business

Buy yourself a business, garage, restaurant, motel, casino…. it all depends on you, manage your own business.

It's what you choose


Opportunities are limitless here, shape your destiny by your own hands, become whoever you want to be.



Fully featured

Our script brings so many awesome features to enhance your roleplay experience with, including achievement system dynamic crate system, dynamic weather system, a vast variety of jobs to choose from and much more!

Well-designed mappings

We have unique mappings, perfectly made for roleplaying. Personal houses, businesses, and factions and much more!

Astonishing forums

We have beautifully designed themes for users to choose from, we also have arcade system, it’s like having a Nintendo! There are tons of things to discover and do.

In character web-based system

We have a web-based Twitter-like system designed specially for ADRP for In character uses. All factions also have a web-based website which can be accessed by its members only.

Monthly updates

We update our script and services at least once a month, adding brand new features and implementing improvements to keep bringing better roleplay experiences.

Cheap Marketplace

Head to our marketplace and buy yourself something unique, Feel the American Dream right away!

GTA V/Online Features

We have bought so many things from GTA 5 and Online to American Dream, including the very first transaction, mappings from Finance and Felony, checkpoint system and much more!

A Radio!

We have our very own exclusive SHOUTcast radio station, playing the top hits and best picks by our community members!


We are fully community-based, everything that happens on American Dream is chosen by our members.

Earn awesome prizes as you play!

Win awesome prizes such as VIP, unique toys and amazing features by spending your time on our server and having fun. We care about our players.

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By Donating, you’ll help us improve our services. You also will be gifted with tons of amazing Donatos only content. Wanna know more before donating? CLICK ME!