Donate to American Dream, help us bring you the best experience

You’ll get tons of amazing content for donating to American Dream. You’ll also help us keep our services up and running so we can bring you the best roleplay experience.

What benefits I'd get for donating to American Dream?

Custom Businesses

You’ll be given an in-game business with your chosen interior at your chosen location

Extra XP

You’ll be given 2000XP to 5000XP for in-game marketplace usage as well as unlocking donator achievement

Custom Forum Board

You’ll be given a custom board on the forums under your full supervision

Cash on Hand

You’ll be given $100,000 to $300,000 in-game cash

Profile Music

A custom music of your choosing will play upon opening your profile page on the forums

Host your own events

Create and host in-game events using our event system, play with your friends, VIPs and other players

Extra Chats Access

Gain access to use /c (staff chat) and /o (global OOC chat) even when disabled

Level Hop

Get a free level up from 1 to 5 levels

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget to fill the form “What is your In-Game name?” while donating. It makes it much easier¬†and faster to deliver your donator rank.